Abbot's Welcome

Dear friends,

I welcome you to the community of St. Peter’s, via this web site.

St. Peter’s has been present on the Canadian Prairies for more than 100 years. We have helped this area in Saskatchewan to grow and develop -- physically, culturally and spiritually.

With the development of new technology, we are now present on the Internet.

Over the years we have helped the people in this area by staffing more than 30 parishes, by establishing and staffing an excellent high school and college, by publishing a weekly Catholic newspaper (the Prairie Messenger), by running our own farm and, most recently, by setting up a guest house and retreat centre.

Our Roman Catholic lifestyle of prayer and service is inspired by our Christian mission. Our community lives by the Rule of St. Benedict – a rule which has guided Christian communities for more than 1,500 years. St. Benedict’s monks live a life which is inspired by ancient wisdom and is always open to the signs of the times today.

Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB

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