St. Peter's Abbey Guest Wing Bookings

Catering Function Sheet

Update: May 5nd, 2014 Note: These bookings may change in fact sometimes daily.

Please do not hesitate to call 682-1775 or email for

Feb. 7-May 30th Dr. Frances Swripa 1p


May 8-11 Asleigh(Saskatoon Writers) 7p

May 9-11 Romance Writers ( 5p arrive 7th) 9-11p

May9-10 Agnes Pellitier 1p

May 16-18 Lopsang Retreat 50???

May 17-18 Fr. Ralph Kleiter 1p

May 21 Senior Bus Tour- Saskatoon 110p (lunch only)

May 21-23rd Julia Boughner, Patricia Fornese, Marilynn Portras 3p

May 22-23 Spiritual Care Workshop 18p

May 23 Agnes Pellitier 1p

May 23 Bishop Don Bolen 1p

May 24-25 Fr. Ralph Kleiter 1p

May 25- 29th Sr. Peter 1p

May 27-28 Raymond Lussier 2p

May 27-28 Fr. Joseph 1p

May 31-June 1 Fr. Ralph Kleiter 1p

May 29-June8th Sask. Stitches ????


June 10-12 Ukrainian Clergy 30p

June 15-19 Monastic Retreat 12p ??? additional to the monks

June 20-22 Canadian Ukrainian Congress Board 15p

June 27- July25 SWG writers(Scholatica) 9p


July 2-5 Education and Technology 20p(begins breakfast on Thursday July 3rd ends lunch Saturday, July 5th)

July 8-9 Heather Murray 2p

July 10-15 Pat Whittaker 1p

July 10-13 Judy& Pol Zwart 2p

July 11-12 Fagnau 2p

July 11-13 Virgina Eckert 2p

July 12 Oblate Day 35p(lunch only)

July 19 Tour and Lunch 40p(lunch only)

July 21-22 Priest Sport’s Day ???

July 20-25 Hergert Fabric 15p

July 27- August 1st Hergert Fabric 15p